The eerie engine room of the Yamagiri Maru

Another shot from the Yamagiri Maru, this time from inside the engine room. In a very dark, very tight space you need to roll over on your back to see this human skull wedged into a hole in the ceiling. The dive guides have all kinds of stories that go along with this, but those I’ll save for them to tell you.

Amazing Soft Coral on the Yamagiri Maru

A lot of people think that Truk Lagoon is only about shipwrecks, but many of the wrecks have an amazing abundance of soft coral growing on them. Here my dive buddy captures video of a large branch of soft coral on the Yamagiri Maru.

The first of many Truk Lagoon images

I’ve got another amazing trip to Truk Lagoon scheduled for February 2014 and still have several spots open. This will be my fifth trip aboard the Truk Odyssey, which is one of the best run dive operations in the world. I’ll elaborate on that in future posts. For now, I’m starting my series of Truk Lagoon photography with the Betty Bomber.

“Betty” was the code name for the wreck of a Mitsubishi G4M that now sits on the sand in about 45′ of water off Eten Island. It’s a very easy dive with plenty of photo opportunities.