Famous Robots of Truk Lagoon

One of the shots every photog who visits Truk Lagoon has to capture is “R2D2”. It’s not really a robot, but just looks like one, so he’s had that nickname for as long as Star Wars has been around. He’s really a compressor that can be found off the engine room of the Fujikawa Maru at about 100′. There are a few tricks to getting this shot. It took me several trips to Truk before I got one that wasn’t full of backscatter. I’ll teach you what you need to do when we go there in February 2014.

There are other mechanical personalities that are much harder to find. I didn’t find “Bart Simpson” until my fourth trip to Truk. He resides deep behind the engine room of the Rio de Janiero Maru (don’t go there without a guide).

…and his friend “Milhouse” who is close by.

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